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Prospects News Release

March 24, 2006

Prospects 15 year-old tournaments set for March 31 and May 19 are as strong as ever.

On the official OHL draft list there are 140 players rated as AA's or A's. 40 of the 140 are American and 100 are Canadian.

Of the 100 Ontario born players 61 are currently enrolled for the March 31-April 2 event. That number is growing as current rosters are being adjusted to fit these top players in, while other in this top 100 are currently scrambling to find spots.

Of the 40 American players 31 are currently registered to come to Prospects with the majority attending the April 14 or May 19 dues to US Nationals conflicting with the March 31 event.

Once again, Prospects is the place where the best compete.

Question can be directed to Bob Turow.


Bob Turow

President, Prospects Tournaments Inc.

Director of Scouting and Recruiting, USHL

67 Winding Wood Cres.

Kitchener, Ontario

N2P 2L7

(B) 519-893-6005

(F) 519-893-6409